Easter celebrations in Piana degli Albanesi are linked to to its Arbëreshe origin. They are very fascinating thanks to the traditions handed on over centuries.

Thanks to their cultural tenacity, the inhabitants of Piana maintained unchanged their identity and roots such as the traditional richly embroidered women’s costumes, the Albanian language and the Byzantine Rite.

Byzantine religious events reach their climax in the celebration of Holy Week (Java and Madhe), the greatest event of the Orthodox calendar.

Important moments are the celebration of “Domenica delle Palme” (Rromollidhet), a reminiscent of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the rites of the holy Friday, when you can listen to the typical songs in Albanian (Vajtimet); The solemn Pontifical Mass of Easter Sunday, which ends with a huge procession of women dressed with the typical costumes of the Albanians’ 400.