The baked cassata is lighter version of the traditional Sicilian cassata made with almond paste and Candied fruit. It’s a tasty cake filled with sweet ricotta cream and dark chocolate chips.


For the shortcrust pastry: 00 Flour 500 gr, Sugar 200 gr, Butter or margarine 200 gr, 4 egg yolks, Half glass of Marsala wine

For the filling: Ricotta cheese 700 gr, Sugar 300 gr, Chocolate chips 100 gr, Candied fruit 100 gr

For the garnish: Powdered Sugar to taste, Cinnamon to taste


For the shortcrust pastry: mix the flour, sugar and cold butter cut into cubes, knead the mix with your fingertips and add the egg yolks and the cold Marsala (slowly, to prevent the dough from becoming too hard). Make a ball, wrap it with plastic film and let it rest in fridge for at least 30 minutes.

For the filling: drain the ricotta and store it in the fridge, then sift it, mix it in a bowl with the sugar and add the chocolate chips and the candied fruit.

How to serve it: grease and flour a round cake pan, then cover the bottom and the sides with the pastry, cut in the shape of a rounded 5 mm disk. Pour the ricotta cream into the pan, cover it with the remaining pastry, seal the edges and make small holes. Bake it at 180° C until the surface of the cake will be golden brown (50-60 minutes). Once cool, turn it upside down on a serving plate and sprinkle the sugar and the cinnamon.