Arancine represent one of the most famous specialities of Sicilian street food.
Traditionally there are two variants: the ones with ham and cheese (or called arancine al burro) and the ones with classic bolognaise and mozzarella cheese.

Today we show the second and most rich version, together with one of the numerous variants of the latest times, the vegetarian arancine with spinach and smoked cheese.

Ingredients for 10 people:

  • 150gr of mincemeat and 150gr of pork mince
  • Celery, carrot and onions for the base
  • Two tbs of tomato concentrate and 250ml of tomatoes passata
  • 5 tbs of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, 200ml of red wine
  • 100gr of sweet peas, 150gr of soft cheese like scamorza diced in small cubes

For the rice:

  • 500gr of Carnaroli rice
  • Extra virgin olive oil, spring onions, saffron
  • 80gr of DOP grated parmesan, 60gr of butter
  • White strong flower and breadcrumbs for the coating
  • Seed oil for frying

For the vegetarian version:

  • 200gr of boiled spinach, 150gr of smoked chees, 100gr of grated cheese (possibly caciocavalllo type)
  • 2 eggs, white sauce

Start making the bolognese sauce that has to be concentrate, chop finely carrots, onions and celery and slightly fry with olive oil them in a sauce pan. Add the mincemeat and cook it until brown, add the wine, tomatoes concentrate, then the tomatoes passata and peas; add the salt and let it cook with the lid on and low heat for almost two hours. Add salt and black pepper if necessary.

Cook the rice as for a normal risotto but leave it at “al dente”: finely chop the spring onion and brown it in a casserole with olive oil, add the rice and toast it, then slowly add a light vegetable stock. Cook the rice leave it “al dente”, add the saffron dissolved in a bit of warm water. Mix the rice vigorously with the butter and parmesan and spread it on a tray in a thin layer so that it can cool down.

To assemble the arancine take a handful of rice and, holding it in your hand get it into a semi sphere shape thick about one centimetre. Put in the middle a tablespoon of Bolognese sauce and some diced cheese.  Then take another part of rice and put it above the filling, shaping it like a ball.

Prepare the batter pouring the sifted flour, a pinch of salt and water; mix well the ingredients with a whisk to avoid lumps. Then dip the arancine in the batter one at the time taking care of coat them entirely in bread crumbs.

In a sauce pan heat up the oil at the temperature of 170-180°, then fry one or maximum two arancine at the time, when they are golden drip and put them on a tray layered with absorbent paper and serve while warm.

For the vegetarian version, boil the spinach, drain them and remove the water in excess. Finely chop them with a knife.

Add to the rice part of the spinach and the grated cheese. Take a handful of rice on your hand, and put in the middle a bit of spinach, the diced cheese and a teaspoon of white sauce. Assemble, batter, and coat them in breadcrumbs, then fry them as already described above.