The “Cannolo”, is the symbol of Sicilian pastries, and perhaps the most representative among the desserts of the whole island, which according to a legend, it was born in one monastery of Palermo.

Today we want to introduce a new concept of the preparation of cannolo carried out by Slow Food, who proposes again the original recipe that included the use of honey instead of sugar (unknown at the time) and Sicilian ancient grains such as “Maiorca flour”.

Ingredients for the “cialda” – doses for about 40 cialde

400 grams of Maiorca flour and 75 grams of lard – 40 grams of honey
2 eggs – 1 egg white – a pinch of salt
15 grams of cocoa amaro- 60 grams of dry Marsala
Cannelle tin (not welded) to package the cannoli
Lard for frying

Ingredients for the “Ricotta” cream:
1 kilogram of Ricotta cheese made from sheep’s Piana degli Albanesi
600 grams of orange blossom honey
The content of a vanilla bean
150 grams of dark chocolate flakes
Candied orange zest

Mix the flour, sugar, cocoa and salt. Add the lard to flour mixture and mix it well, then add the eggs, and finally continue to work the mixture adding the Marsala until obtaining a firm dough.
Make it in a ball shape and wrap it in cling-film; place it in a refrigerator for at least an hour.
Roll out the dough to a thin thickness (you can use a dough sheeter ending with a thickness similar to that of noodles) dust the dough with the flour as well the working plane.
Wrap the disks in the spouts greasy oil, joining the edges and brushing them with beaten egg white. Fry in plenty of hot lard, 2 to 3 at the time. As soon as the pasta is a beautiful dark golden color drain it and put them to cool down on paper towels.
For the cream, if the ricotta cheese is very moist, let it drain in order to eliminate most of the serum. Mix the ricotta with honey and let it stand for one hour, and then sift it thoroughly. At this point add the vanilla and chocolate flakes.
Once you have both the cialde and the ricotta cream, fill the cialde with ricotta cream and smooth the edges with the aid of a knife, put them in a tray and sprinkle with icing sugar. For those who wish, you can also decorate them with a cherry or with candied orange peels.