At the end of the 18th century fleeing from Naples King Ferdinand IV of Borbone chose to settle in Palermo and while looking for a place to build his own hunting lodge, he came across the monumental and impressive Mt. Rocca Busambra. He was enchanted, that’s why 30km south of Palermo, at the foot of the Mt. Rocca Busambra, he built a royal lodge with 12,000 hectares of wood. The Ficuzza wood is still today the most widespread wooden area in western Sicily.

It is well-known that the rulers of Sicily have always been foreigners and were not always loved by the people, in particular by the powerful Princes, who tried to take on their role and sometimes showed their annoyance in a rather eccentric way. The Prince of Belmonte, for example, seeing the wills of the King, bought 7000 hectares in the surroundings and built the charming Masseria Rossella right in front of the royal lodge, beyond the valley. The estate of Masseria Rossella was thus born from a “royal” offence!

In the early 19th century the Masseria was passed down to the Baron Dara family who, through two centuries of dedication, still run it today with great passion. Today it is a charming farm stay and an organic farm. The whole building is acknowledged by the Local Council for Cultural Heritage for its high historic value.