A city full of history and art that on July 2015 has been recognized, together with the Cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale, Unesco site for its beautiful monuments of the Arab-Norman era. The monuments of [...]


This charming village is known for its Arab Norman Dome, an architectural jewel commissioned by Norman kings to Arab architects in the 12th century. It’s located ust 30 km away from Rossella. If you have [...]


The small village of Corleone, 25 km far from Masseria, is located in the beautiful area of Ficuzza Wood. It is also known as the village of the one hundred churches, among them the stunning [...]


Located 94 km far from Masseria, Cefalù is recognized one of the most beautiful Italian villages. It is famous for its Arab-Norman historical center and known as one of the main seaside site of the [...]