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Masseria Rossella

Lunch menu 1st May

Sunday 1 May Menu

Ricotta Cheese from Piana degli Albanesi

Caponata of aubergines

Rolls of bacon, zucchini and cheese

Chunks with pork and caramelized onion

Panelle and potato croquettes

Local cheeses

Seasoned olives

Spicy sausage

* * *

Risotto with red pumpkin cream, sausage and smoked provola fondue

Busiate with tomato confit, pesto and toasted almonds

* * *

Mixed grill and oven-baked potatoes

* * *

Piana cannoli and fruit

Water, Red Wine Cantina Sociale dell’Alto Belice, Coffee, Bitters

Adults: € 35

Children: € 15

(drinks included)