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Masseria Rossella

Here is our menu, with the possibility of accessing the swimming pool as well!

Mid-August 2022 Menu

Cheese and local salami, seasoned olives

Stuffed mushrooms, Aubergine rolls

Pork tenderloin carpaccio with baroque caponatina with honey

“Manfgia & Bevi”, Potato Croquettes

* * *

Busiate with basil pesto, tomatoes and toasted almonds

Rigatoni with cream of peppers, sausage and stracciatella

* * *

Crusted pork fillet with Nero d’Avola sauce

Greedy potatoes

* * *

Piana degli Albanesi cannolo and fruit

Water, red wine from the Alto Belice Social Winery

Coffee, Bitter

Adults: € 40.00 including drinks

Children: € 15.00 with special menu

Entrance to the swimming pool:

– € 5.00 supplement per person for adults

– free for kids