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Masseria Rossella

Monte Leardo and Monte Rossella

Monte Rossella (1064 m.s.l.m), Monte Leardo (1016 m.s.l.m) and Monte Giuhai (968 m.s.l.m) constitute a mountainous complex, mainly limestone, which closes the complex of the Conca d’Oro mountains to the south, delimiting the Piana degli Albanesi and on the other the Eleuterio valley and the complex of the Ficuzza woods.

From the Masseria Rossella the route climbs up the southern side of Monte Rossella along a trazzera.

After 430 meters from the farmhouse, at the first crossroads, we recommend turning right and continuing in this direction.

After about 3.5 km you will reach the summit plateau of Mount Leardo, on which stands the forest tower and from which a dizzying view opens up that sweeps 360 ° over Piana degli Albanesi, Santa Cristina Gela, Ficuzza and much more.

A walk with breathtaking views, suspended between the lakes of Piana degli Albanesi and Scanzano, between glimpses of the sea and crowns of mountains, among woods and villages clinging to the hills.

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Difficulty: easy -> the route essentially winds on trazzere and comfortable mule tracks

Length of the route: 4 km outward and 4 km back (total: 8 km).

Journey time: about 2 hours and a half.

Total altitude difference: about 440 m.

Presence of water spots: no.

Satellite coordinates of departure point: click here.